Terms and Conditions for Art Boxes and Patterns


By using this Mother Eagle Embroidery pattern either in digital or printed form, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions, which outline the proper use of this content.



This pattern and it's related content is the property of Kate Tume AKA Mother Eagle Embroidery © 2018. All Rights Reserved.


This pattern contains material which is owned by Mother Eagle Embroidery. This material includes, but is not limited to the pattern, its content and product design, layout, photography, illustrations and graphics. The reproduction and distribution of this material is permissible only under the following conditions:


You may print or download files to a local hard drive for your personal and non commercial use only. You may gift your finished project to friends or family or auction your finished product to benefit a charity when 100% of the proceeds goes to said charity.


You may not distribute or commercially exploit any part of the content contained in these files nor any finished product you create using the contained images or designs.


You may not copy and distribute the content of this pattern to any third parties for their personal use.


You may not publish the content of this pattern online or in print.


You may share images of your works in progress and your completed work online and on social media with the tag #TaughtByMotherEagle


Unauthorised use of this pattern may lead to the removal of all unauthorised content, legal action, and a claim for damages.



Mother Eagle Embroidery does not provide any warranty or guarantee in regards to your finished project, or the accuracy, completeness, or suitability of the information provided in this pattern. You acknowledge that additional knowledge may be needed to complete this pattern and the outcome of your finished project is your responsibility.



Your use of any information or content from this pattern is entirely at your own risk, for which Mother Eagle Embroidery is not liable. Kate Tume and Mother Eagle are in no way afilliated with any charity.