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Stag Beetle Textile Art Box


This is the first textile art kit from artist and embroidery designer Kate Tume, and contains everything you need to create this Stag Beetle design, Mother Eagle style.

***Check out my Instagram for an unboxing video of this kit!***

This design invites you to experiment with embellishment (in textile arts, this is a broad category encompassing the decoration of cloth by sewing on beads, sequins, and more), with the added challenge of some basic goldwork (using coloured metal threads). With a little patience and care, I believe everyone can create this design, no matter their embroidery experience.

What you'll get:
• 6" Embroidery hoop
• 9" square piece of cotton fabric
• Eco felt
• 2 needles
• Gutermann black cotton thread
• All the professional-quality beads, sequins and special threads you'll need
• 30-page fully-illustrated instruction booklet, full of my Pro-Tips for getting that extra polish
• Full colour Stag Beetle trading card with info on this amazing and endangered species

But wait there's more!

You'll also get my illustrated guide to mounting your work like a pro - FREE! And FREE worldwide shipping!

The only thing you don't get are embroidery scissors, and I also *highly* recommend a seat frame or barrel clamp to hold your provided frame, or to use instead. If you don't have one, or can't source one, working at a table where you can set your hoop down will work okay.

Every kit includes a £2 donation to the People's Trust for Endangered Species, a UK charity that work to protect the endangered Stag Beetle - and many other threatened species!

My Art Boxes are also 100% plastic packaging free, and entirely vegan friendly.

*Mother Eagle Textile Art Boxes and related content are the property of Kate Tume. You may not sell items made from these kits or designs, or otherwise commercially exploit any part of this content. 2018, All Rights Reserved.